How to interact with Grafana graphs in Status (Quick Start)



You can interact with embedded Grafana graphs in the Status application.

  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator (e.g.,admin/admin).
  2. Go to Status, select a service (e.g., local_load), hosts also offer graphs via Host Availability & Performance Measurement.
  3. Expand Service Availability & Performance Measurement to view the graph.
    • Metrics - As the cursor is moved across the graph, values are shown for the underlying data. By default, warning and critical thresholds are rendered. To view graphs without these values, simply click a metric in the legend. Shift-select can be use to select multiple metrics.
    • Zoom Region - Zoom in by creating a zoom region with the cursor, and zoom out with Control-z.
    • Annotations - GroundWork events are represented as vertical dashed lines called annotations. Critical/Warning/OK events are in red/orange/green. Audit events for this service are in blue.

      Animated GIF: Interacting with Grafana in Status


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