How to import and export Nagios files



This page reviews importing from files and exporting to files.

Import from Files

The Import from Files option allow you to import from nagios.cfg, cgi.cfg, and related files. This tool is for importing Nagios configuration files from standalone Nagios installations, to bring them under the GroundWork Monitor umbrella. This is an infrequent action, not something you would perform regularly.

Nagios configuration files do not contain all the relationships stored within a GroundWork Monitor configuration, so this is NOT a tool for restoring a GroundWork Monitor configuration from a backup.
  1. Go to Configuration > Tools and select Import from files.
  2. Selecting Import will update or drop all configuration records in the GroundWork Monitor "monarch" database.
    Should you choose to continue, it is strongly recommended that you first select the Backup option. You should include a descriptive Annotation for the backup and indicate if you would like to Lock this backup to prevent it from automatic deletion in the future.

    Figure: Import Nagios Configuration

Export to Files

You can now export all the configuration files for viewing and debugging. These are valid configuration files which are downloaded to the directory /usr/local/groundwork/core/monarch/htdocs/monarch/download.

  1. Go to Configuration > Tools, and select Export to files.
  2. The next screen shows a list of configuration files that are downloaded to the directory /usr/local/groundwork/core/monarch/htdocs/monarch/download. You can right click on each file and select Save Link As to save the file to a specified directory of your choice, or you can click on the file link which will display the file in a browser.

    Figure: Exporting configuration files


configuration configuration Delete
monarch monarch Delete
import import Delete
export export Delete
nagios nagios Delete
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