How to edit a shared dashboard



You can edit shared Dashboards pages (e.g., Trouble View) simply by selecting the dashboard to edit, and using Site Editor and Edit Page. Anything in the page can be edited.

  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as the root user.
  2. Select Dashboards and the dashboard page to edit (e.g., Trouble View).
  3. Hover over Site Editor, and select Edit Page.
  4. Page Editor panel:
    • Applications tab:
      • Delete a portlet: Hover over the title (e.g., IFrame Portlet) and click X.
      • Edit a portlet: Hover over the title (e.g., IFrame Portlet) and select the pencil icon, make edits within tabs, and save.
      • Add portlet: Select and drag portlet from the right onto the dashboard canvas (you may need to add a Container first), then edit portlet.
    • Containers tab:
      • Drag a row, column or other container formats onto the dashboard canvas, then go back to the Applications tab to add portlets.
    • View Page properties button: Used to set the portal page access permissions from the Permission Setting tab.
    • Switch View mode button: Allows you to view the dashboard before saving.
  5. Finally, select the disk save icon in the upper right corner within the Page Editor box. The edited shared dashboard should be visible under Dashboards.


shared shared Delete
dashboards dashboards Delete
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