How to display a subset of service metrics



This page reviews how to display a subset of service metrics on a graph. A GroundWork service may have more than one metric in its performance data.

By default, all service metrics are displayed in a Grafana graph that is built using the GroundWork data source. There are a number of ways to selectively hide a subset of the metrics in a Grafana dashboard.

This does not apply to embedded Grafana graphs in Status, which always shows all metrics.
Using display overrides

Display overrides can be used to selectively control which metrics are visible on a graph. To configure display overrides follow the steps below.

  1. Edit the graph.
  2. Select the Display tab.
  3. Select the Series overrides section.

    Figure: local_load service has two overrides added to show 15 minute load average metric
Using legend control
  1. Edit the graph.
  2. Left click on the metric in the legend to select the metric.
  3. All metrics will be shown when the dashboard is reloaded.
Using the InfluxDB data source

GroundWork performance data that is stored in InfluxDB can be accessed in Grafana using the InfluxDB data source rather than the GroundWork data source. The steps below outline how to to add a an InfluxDB data source.

  1. Log into GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator (e.g., admin/admin).
  2. Go to Dashboards > Grafana.
  3. To log in as the Grafana Administrator, click , click Sign In. The default credentials are admin/admin.
  4. Click , and select Data Sources.
  5. Click the Add data source button.
  6. Create a new InfluxDB data source with the following parameters:
    Name: (e.g., influx data source)
    Type: InfluxDB
    URL: http://localhost:8086
    Access: proxy
    Database: groundwork
  7. Create a dashboard with the Panel Data Source set to the name of the InfluxDB data source created in the previous step (e.g., influx data source).

    Figure: 15 minute load average


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