How to determine ports used by GroundWork



This page describes the ports GroundWork needs and ports on other machines.

Ports GroundWork needs

In some cases, such as configuring firewall rules, it may be useful to know the ports that GroundWork needs, and what they are needed for.

Port Used For
TCP/22 SSH console access
TCP/80 Web interface, GDMA
TCP/82 NMS ntop
UDP/162 SNMP Trap
TCP/443 Secure HTTPS access (optional)
UDP/514 Syslog
TCP/4913 Foundation Data Feeders
TCP/5432 PostgreSQL (typically, not needed from outside the GroundWork Monitor machine)
TCP/5667 NSCA passive check reception
TCP/5677 Bronx Event broker remote command reception
Ports on other machines

Ports on other machines that you might want to allow the GroundWork server to access.

Port Used For
TCP/22 SSH check access
UDP/161 SNMP check access
UDP/162 SNMP Trap forwarding
TCP/5432 PostgreSQL (used on a remote database server)
TCP/5666 NRPE check acccess
Typical Linux iptables command syntax to open GroundWork server firewall

Typically Red Hat Linux comes with only port 22 open. This command shows you the rules in place:

iptables -L

This command adds a rule at rule number 5 (in a typical Red Hat install there are 4 ACCEPT rules before the first REJECT rule).  It says you want to allow new connections from anyone to TCP port 80 (the port used for HTTP).

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -m state --state NEW -s --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

It's important to recognize that the version of Linux you are using may not honor this alteration through reboots of your system.


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