How to delete a portal page



Portal page administration is managed by a Portal Administrator (e.g., root/root) and is accessed from the toolbar option Group > Site Editor.

A Portal (e.g., GroundWork Monitor) contains Pages (e.g., Dashboards, Status, Event Console) which contain various Portlets (e.g., Status: Host Health, Host Information). The GroundWork Monitor portal is built using Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform 6 which means that you can build additional web pages to customize and extend the portal and manage user access control.

You cannot undo a portal page deletion. Contact GroundWork Support before removing a default portal page.
  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as a Portal Administrator (e.g., root/root).
  2. Hover over Group > Portal Administration, and select Portal Navigation.
  3. Click the link for Edit Navigation to display the Navigation Management window.
  4. Locate and right click on the page to be removed.
  5. Select Delete Node and confirmed deletion.
    Make sure you are selecting the correct node. You cannot undo this deletion.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select Save.

    Figure: Delete node

  7. Additionally your will need to delete the page itself, hover over Group > Portal Administration, and select Page Management.
  8. Locate the page title (you can use the search at the top), click the corresponding Trash icon to remove the page.
  9. Hover over Site from the toolbar, and select Classic to view the current portal pages.


administration administration Delete
page page Delete
remove remove Delete
delete delete Delete
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