How to create a shared dashboard



The Dashboards option provides dashboard views of monitoring data and other content visible to all users unless otherwise specified. GroundWork provides various default dashboards such as System View and Enterprise View. The root user can create new shared dashboards using the Site Editor > Add New Page.

  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as the root user.
  2. Select Dashboards to make this the current page.
  3. Hover over Site Editor, select Add New Page.
  4. Enter a Node Name (no spaces), and a Display Name. Click Next.
  5. Select a layout (e.g., Empty Layout), click Next.
  6. Select the Containers tab, drag desired container onto the dashboard canvas.
    • Access permissions can be set for a page, containers,  and applications. While your are here, you may want to adjust the the permissions for the container, click the Access Permissions tab. The default is set to public (everyone can access), uncheck to indicate specific access by role and memberships. Save any changes.
  7. Select the Applications tab, find desired application portlet (e.g., GroundWork Portlets > Performance Measurement) and drag onto the dashboard canvas within the container.
  8. Edit the portlet by hovering over the title (e.g., Performance Measurement Portlet) and selecting the pencil icon.
    • Enter preferences for each tab (e.g., host, portlet settings) saving where indicated. The last tab Access Permission indicates the roles and memberships that are allowed to view this application. Save any changes.
  9. To indicate page permissions, click the View Page properties button from the Page Editor. Select the Permission Setting tab, and add or remove permissions. Save any changes.
  10. Finally, select the disk save icon in the upper right corner within the Page Editor box. The new shared dashboard should be visible under Dashboards (in this case) and permissible to the access permissions set.

    Figure: NewDashboard example


shared shared Delete
dashboards dashboards Delete
create create Delete
access access Delete
permissions permissions Delete
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