How to create a personal dashboard



Personal dashboards are customized views of monitoring data and other content. The My GroundWork option is used to create and view personal dashboards. These dashboards are only visible to the user that created them and they will persist until deleted by that user.

  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor (e.g., user/user), this is the user that will be able to view and edit the dashboard.
  2. Hover over My GroundWork from the toolbar, select Click & Type Page Name (or if not there, any existing dashboard name).
  3. Hover over My GroundWork Editor, select Add New Page.
  4. Enter a Node Name (no spaces), and a Display Name. Click Next.
  5. Select a layout (e.g., Empty Layout), click Next.
  6. Select the Containers tab, drag desired container onto the dashboard canvas.
  7. Select the Applications tab, find desired application portlet (e.g., Web IFrame) and drag onto the dashboard canvas within the container.
  8. Edit the portlet by hovering over the title (e.g., IFrame Portlet) and selecting the pencil icon.
  9. Enter preferences for each tab (e.g., URL, portlet settings). The last tab Access Permission settings will be overridden by the logged in user. The personal dashboard will only be available to the logged in user creating the dashboard.
  10. Click Save and Close (or similar).
  11. Finally, select the disk save icon in the upper right corner within the Page Editor box. The new personal dashboard should be visible under My GroundWork.

    Figure: NewPersonalDashboard example


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