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This page reviews the process of converting profiles from a previous version of GroundWork Monitor profiles. In our example we will be converting GroundWork Monitor 6.x profiles to GroundWork Monitor 7.x profiles. On your GroundWork Monitor 6.x machine where you have created profiles and potentially plugins that do not exist in the standard distribution of GroundWork Monitor, you need to use the Configuration tool to Export the profiles, one at a time.

Converting GroundWork Monitor profiles
  1. On your GroundWork Monitor 6.x machine, go to Configuration > Profiles > Host Profiles (or Service Profiles). Then select a profile to convert and use in GroundWork Monitor 7.x.
  2. Within the Host Detail tab, at the bottom select Export. An XML file will be written to the GroundWork server in the /tmp directory.
  3. You will need to repeat the above steps for each profile.
  4. Then, the easiest way to get the converted profiles onto the GroundWork Monitor 7 server is to copy them to your workstation and import the profiles. See How to import profiles.
Additional Plugins
  • If you reference plugins that do not exist in GroundWork Monitor 7 release you will need to copy them to the to the corresponding location (for Nagios active checks) from the GroundWork Monitor 6.x machine to the GroundWork Monitor 7.x machine.
  • Also, make sure that owner and permissions are correct.
  • If the plugin needs to be on a child server, you will need to put it there as well.
  • If the plugin is a GDMA script, use the documented procedure in GDMA Advanced to distribute it to the GDMA agent directories.


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