How to configure contact groups in NoMa



Contact groups are definitions of one or more contacts and can be used to send alert or recovery notifications to a group of contacts. Contact groups can be created for an area of expertise (e.g., network-administrators) or geographic location (e.g., san_francisco-support). When a host or service has a problem or recovers, NoMa, as configured, will find the appropriate contact groups to send notifications to and notify all contacts. These Groups are applied in the Notifications tab.

Deleting Contacts Groups associated with Escalations
If you need to delete a contact group and it is associated with an escalation, you need to first delete the escalation, then delete the contact group. If you deleted a contact group that is associated with an escalation, this will cause a crash of the NoMa daemon and an error in the Debug Log.
  1. Go to Configuration > NoMa.
  2. Select the Contactgroups tab.
  3. Click the Create button on the right side of the screen, (select the pencil icon to edit an existing contactgroup).
  4. Enter the contactgroup directives as described below.
  5. Click Create.

    Table: Contactgroup directives
    || Directive || Description ||
    Name (short) Name of the contact group.
    Name (long) Descriptive name.
    Timezone Sets the time zone of the contact group.
    NoMa makes use of the Perl DateTime::TimeZone to provide proper timezone support (including winter/summer time) and simplifies worldwide support for working hours , (e.g., America/Los_Angeles).
    Notification hours (Timeframe) Sets the contact groups availability to receive notifications, (e.g., 24x7).
    Do not send notifications (to members)
    If checked, contact group is a view-only group and notifications are not sent. The contact group is ignored while evaluating notification rules in response to incoming alerts.
    If unchecked, notifications are sent to the contact group per notification rules.
    Members Sets the contacts to be included in the contact group, the individuals that will be notified.

    Figure: Contactgroups tab


noma noma Delete
contactgroups contactgroups Delete
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