How to change a users membership



Memberships are managed by a GroundWork Administrator (e.g., admin/admin) and accessed from the toolbar option Group > Organization. The Portal Administrator (e.g., root/root) can also manage memberships. System default memberships should not be removed. Memberships provide access permissions for dashboard to status links, access to all or specific host and service groups, and application level permissions. For additional information see About System Administration.

When a new user account is created, it is automatically added to the group Users with the role GWUser, and is assigned the membership type gw-portal-user. By default, this membership allows the user to see all host groups and service groups without any restrictions.
  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator (e.g., admin/admin).
  2. Hover over Group > Organization, and select Users and groups management.
  3. Select the Groups Management tab.
  4. From the left side navigation, select the Group where the user is located (e.g., Users).
  5. Under Group Info select the user's corresponding edit icon, select a membership from the drop-down, click Save. To change a users group (role) see How to add a user to a group.

    Figure: Changing a users membership


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