How to apply actions to events



This page reviews how to apply actions to events within the Event Console application. The Event Console enables users to select messages and apply various actions on the selected message(s). Developers can configure additional actions, see the Developer Reference > Configuring Event Console.

  1. To select events to apply actions to, use Select All to include all events or select each event individually.
  2. Once the events are selected, click the Actions button or select one listed along the top of the events.
  3. When actions have been applied the events will be relocated to the Operation Status folder. All Open Events will continue to display an entire listing of events. Once a message is selected the system automatically pauses incoming events. Incoming events will be resumed upon a user selecting an action from the menu or by selecting the Resume Incoming Events button manually. The list of actions displayed is driven by the message(s) that are selected. There are two sets of action types. Standard System Actions which include include Open (Orange), Notify (Yellow), Accept (Green), Acknowledge (Purple), and Close (Black); and Application Actions which include Accept Log Message, Notify Log Message, Nagios Acknowledge, Close Log Message, Open Log Message, and Submit Passive Check (SNMPTRAP specific).

    Figure: Applying Actions


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