How to add a user to a group



Groups (roles) are managed by a GroundWork Administrator (e.g., admin/admin) and accessed from the toolbar option Group > Organization. The Portal Administrator (e.g., root/root) can also manage groups. System default groups should not be removed. Groups provide access permissions to specific portal pages. For additional information see About System Administration.

When a new user account is created, it is automatically added to the group Users with the role GWUser, and is assigned the membership type gw-portal-user. By default, this membership allows the user to see all host groups and service groups without any restrictions.
  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator (e.g., admin/admin).
  2. Hover over Group > Organization, and select Users and groups management.
  3. Select the Groups Management tab.
  4. From the left side navigation, select the Group you want to add a user to (e.g., GroundWork Administrators).
  5. Under Add member, enter or search for the user to add to the group (e.g., hans), then select the membership (e.g., gw-monitoring-administrator), click Save. This user will now have the current groups privileges and the permissions of the assigned membership. It is possible for a user to be a member of one or more groups. To edit a membership see How to edit a membership.

    Figure: Adding a user to a group and assigning a membership


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