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When a host or service problem is acknowledged, future notifications about problems are temporarily disabled until the host or service changes state (i.e. recovers). There are a couple ways you can acknowledge a troubled host or service. From the Status application you can locate the host group of the host in trouble, or locate the host of the service in trouble and then acknowledge the problem.

  1. In Status, to acknowledge a service problem from the host group level, select the host group (e.g. Linux Servers) of the troubled service (e.g. http_alive).
  2. In the expanded Service List section, scroll down to the list of services and select the Acknowledge link for the service in trouble.
  3. A popup screen will be displayed:
    • check the Send Notification box if you would like the contacts for the service to receive a notification about the acknowledgement,
    • next, keep the check in the Persistent Comment box if you would like the host or service comment to be retained between restarts of Nagios,
    • and, in the Comment field, enter your name and fill in a brief description of your actions.
  4. Select Submit.

    Figure: Acknowledging a service from the host level

    Figure: Selecting host to acknowledge from the service list

    Figure: Setting options for the acknowledgement


status status Delete
acknowledge acknowledge Delete
troubled troubled Delete
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