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This page reviews how to configure GroundWork Monitor to allow access to the Nagios WAP Interface. In the GroundWork Monitor implementation, access to the Nagios CGIs is restricted to users who have first authenticated with the GroundWork Monitor portal. This is a problem when attempting to access the system from a WAP enabled cell phone. Since the portal doesn’t support WAP, there is no way for a WAP device to authenticate.

The script referenced below can be executed as user nagios or root to reconfigure GroundWork Monitor appropriately, by removing the statuswml.cgi (the Nagios CGI that controls the WAP interface) from the portal authentication and making it externally accessible.

  1. Download WAP Interface script:
  2. After running the script you must restart Apache as user root:
    /etc/init.d/httpd restart
  3. Finally, in order to authenticate to the WAP interface, you must set at least one username and password. There is already an existing default user created. All you have to do is update the password as user nagios or root with the following command, typing in a new password when prompted:
    cd /usr/local/groundwork/apache2/bin
    ./htpasswd /usr/local/groundwork/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users nagiosadmin
  4. You should now be able to pull up the following URL on your GroundWork server:
  5. You will be challenged with the .htaccess method configured by default. The CGI will only render in a WAP compliant browser.
  6. Of course, you can add users to the cgi.cfg and the .htpasswd files, as documented in Nagios documentation, if you wish to use this facility to secure the WAP interface.
  7. It will be necessary to expose this URL to the Internet to allow mobile devices to reach it, but this isn't a matter GroundWork can control.


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