How to GroundWork Grafana dashboard templating



Grafana templating allows for more interactive and dynamic dashboards. Instead of hard-coding things like host name, host group and service name in your metric queries, you can use variables in their place. Variables are shown as drop-down select boxes at the top of the dashboard. These drop-downs make it easy to change the data being displayed in your dashboard. For more information about Grafana templating see

The Grafana GroundWork data source supports the following template variables for hosts, host groups, service groups, services by host, services by service group.

An example template variables dashboard is provided and is called Template Variables Example.

This dashboard will correctly produce an error Templating init failed Service Groups not found for query criteria [(all)] unless service groups are configured.

The template variables and their queries are as follows:

Template Variable Query
$group groups
$host hosts( { "queryType": "byHost", "hostgroup": "$group" } )
$service services( { "host": "$host", "queryType": "byHost" } )
$sgroup servicegroups
$sg_service services( { "queryType": "byServiceGroup", "servicegroup": "$sgroup" }


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