How do I contact GroundWork Support


Q: How do I contact GroundWork Support?
A: Go to GroundWork Support Home to access and search the GroundWork knowledge base. This page also provides links to various product resources. If you do not see the answer to your question in the product documentation or the GroundWork knowledge base, you can open a ticket in the GroundWork Case Manager.

Filing a Support Case
  • Be clear and concise in the subject and complete in the description of your issue or question. Remember, if you tell us exactly what you need, it is much easier for us to answer correctly without asking a list of questions in return.
  • Do not combine issues or questions in a single case. Open multiple cases for different issues. This will save us time and allow different support people to resolve your issues independently, more quickly.
  • Run the gwdiags script on your server and attach the output to your case. This will allow you to gather a lot of relevant information like your OS, revision level, and the number of hosts you are monitoring and how. Often, this information is vital for support to understand the context of your question.
    run as root:
    source /usr/local/groundwork/scripts/
  • Then attach the output file to the case: /usr/local/groundwork/tmp/gwdiags.DATETIME.tar.gz
  • Set the severity of your case to get the right level of response.
    • Sev 1: Your monitoring is down. Checks are not being performed, notifications are not going out. This is the highest severity.
    • Sev 2: Major Feature inoperable. Monitoring is running but some portion of the software does not work or gives you an error message when you try to use it.
    • Sev 3: Minor Issue. Use this for questions on why things work the way they do, setup, or configuration questions, or just things you find that need to get fixed, but are not critical right now.
    • Sev 4: No systems impact. This is your basic "How do I…?" type question. Don't worry, we will answer this type of question, but we will work the higher severity cases first.


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