GWME-7.2.0-2 NoMa 500 error


This technical bulletin applies to GroundWork Monitor 7.2.0. On GroundWork systems, using the UTC timezone, there is an issue with creating new contacts or notification rules with NoMa. When selecting Configuration > NoMa > Create, you may receive a 500 error. This is due to an issue with a rare condition in which the code does not catch.


To address the problem above, the provided patch updates the NoMa code and underlying database. It does not require downtime and is non-destructive of data.

Installation steps
  1. Download the TB7.2.0-2.tar.gz tarball below, and place in an accessible location on your GroundWork server.
    Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
    ZIP Archive TB7.2.0-2.tar.gz 18.44 MB Thomas Stocking May 02, 2018 14:01    
  2. Unzip the tarball:
    tar zxvf TB7.2.0-2.tar.gz

    This will create the sub-directory TB7.2.0-2.

  3. Change to the TB7.2.0-2 directory:
    cd TB7.2.0-2
  4. As root user run install:
Uninstall rollback steps
  1. As root user, in the Technical Bulletin directory (e.g., TB7.2.0-2) run uninstall:
This Technical Bulletin creates a backup for the uninstaller in /usr/local/groundwork/backup/nms-rstools. If this is removed, the uninstaller will not run.


tb tb Delete
7-2-0 7-2-0 Delete
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