GWME-7.2.0-1 Grafana performance


This technical bulletin applies to GroundWork Monitor 7.2.0. The original "depth" of Grafana queries in the GroundWork data source are more extensive than actually necessary, which causes performance problems in selecting hosts and services in large datasets and in graphing large datasets over long periods. In extreme cases, the graph will not appear before a browser timeout (normally 60 seconds).


To address the problem above, we are providing a patch that reduces the depth of the queries to only return the data needed. This patch includes changes to configuration settings related to Grafana queries, and to the source files that make those queries. Applying it will not affect configured dashboards (other than to make them perform better), and will not otherwise affect monitoring or other processes on the system except for the interruption required while the system restarts.

Installation steps
  1. Download the TB7.2.0-1.tar.gz below, and place in an accessible location on your GroundWork server.
    Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
    ZIP Archive TB-7.2.0-1.tar.gz 22.94 MB Bren Eckles Mar 14, 2018 13:11    
  2. Unzip the tarball:
    tar zxvf TB7.2.0-1.tar.gz

    This will create the sub-directory TB7.2.0-1.

  3. Change to the TB7.2.0-1 directory:
    cd TB7.2.0-1
  4. As root user run install:
Uninstall rollback steps
  1. As root user, in the Technical Bulletin directory (e.g., TB7.2.0-1) run uninstall:


tb tb Delete
7-2-0 7-2-0 Delete
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