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This section reviews the GroundWork Monitor integrated application NagVis, a Nagios visualization tool.




1.0 About Views

NagVis is a visualization add-on for Nagios and is integrated into GroundWork Monitor as Views.

Where the Dashboards application provides portlet based summaries that have the look and feel of the Status application, Views allows for a higher degree of flexibility in organizing any combination of monitored elements, background images, and customized icons reflecting the current state. You can display objects in various layouts such as a physical layout of hosts in a rack, or a logical layout of all application servers, and perhaps geographically for example all hosts in San Francisco, and even business processes with hosts/services that are involved in a specific process. Various displays are available including single hosts and services, complete host groups or service groups, and a summary state of a host and all its services. You can hover over data for quick information and drill-down to more detailed information in Status.

The presentation is driven dynamically from the Foundation layer so it’s updated in real time and in sync with what is being monitored. The locations of the main configuration file, images files for maps, and maps configuration files that are created are as follows:

  • Main Configuration: /usr/local/groundwork/nagvis/etc/nagvis.ini.php
  • Images: /usr/local/groundwork/nagvis/share/userfiles/images/maps
  • Map Configuration: /usr/local/groundwork/nagvis/etc/maps

The example below displays a View map visualizing items for an office network. The background graphic gives context for the displayed items and have has been configured to provide fly-out level detail and links to the Status application.

Figure: GroundWork Monitor Views example


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