About System Maintenance


This section reviews the processes for creating backups of databases and files to be used in the event of redeployment of a GroundWork Monitor system or systems. A redeployment may occur as a consequence of the need to replicate an environment for expansion, for test, or for recovery from a disaster wherein essential equipment is lost.




1.0 About System Maintenance

For best practices, the backup and recovery must treat an initial installation, databases, and configuration files in different ways to insure a successful operation.

The initial installation of the system, and many patches, are delivered as RPMs and .bin Bitrock packages along with defined steps for applying them. The base installation of the system from bare metal can be repeated exactly. The original sources and a log book or run book detailing the specific configuration entries (IP address, name, DNS, etc.) are necessary for this level of recovery.

GroundWork Monitor utilizes PostgreSQL as the database engine for storage of configuration, control, and monitored status and events. The several databases include (but is not an exhaustive list as others may be added with the integration of more projects) GWCollageDB - GroundWork Foundation database, Monarch - Configuration database, Dashboard - Insight and Availability Reports database, and JBoss Portal - User Interface, web applications and permission databases. Each of these databases is essential to the function of GroundWork Monitor so they must be included in a backup and recovery strategy.

GroundWork Monitor uses certain files which may be included in the RPMs or .bin packages for installing the product, as well as others which are added in customization. While the packages can rebuild most of them, tuning and localization must be specifically captured post install. Thus, these files must also be identified and dealt with by the backup and recovery strategy. Examples of these kinds of files include /var/spool/cron/, /etc/sysconfig/iptables/iptables.cfg and /usr/local/groundwork/common/etc/.


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