How to view current versions patches

Viewing current versions and patches

1.0 What is the current version of GroundWork Monitor?

From the Dashboards tab, from the bottom left corner click the Show Install Info link to display the installation name and date, and component versions.

Figure: Dashboard Summary Installation Info

Alternatively, from the command line you can enter the following command which displays the GroundWork Monitor version you are currently running along with the name of any installed patches:

grep -E "version|PatchLevel" /usr/local/groundwork/Info.txt

2.0 What is the OS version?

cat /etc/redhat-release

3.0 What version of Monarch and Nagios are running?

From the Configuration > Control > Setup page, the current Monarch and Nagios versions can be viewed.

Figure: Current Monarch and Nagios versions

4.0 What version of GDMA is installed on a client?

You can run the script with the -v option to find out what version of the GDMA client software you have running on a given machine. Before GDMA 2.4.0, you cannot run this command as root, you must be logged in as some other user (such as gdma) to check the version.

4.1 Linux GDMA

Following is an example command and output for Linux GDMA.

/usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v
GDMA version 2.3.2
4.2 Other Platforms

The path to the script depends on the platform. On Windows the name is: gdma_run_checks.exe

Platform Command
Windows {path-to}\groundwork\gdma\bin\gdma_run_checks -v
Linux /usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v
Solaris /opt/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v
AIX /usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v

5.0 How can I view a record of patch installs and uninstalls?

The log file in the common/var/patches directory contains a record of all installs and uninstalls as they are performed.

Example record:

[root@docs ~]# cd /usr/local/groundwork/common/var/patches
[root@docs patches]# ls
TB7.1.1-8.installed  TB7.1.1-8.log


versions versions Delete
groundwork groundwork Delete
monitor monitor Delete
os os Delete
monarch monarch Delete
nagios nagios Delete
gdma gdma Delete
linux linux Delete
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