Hybrid Cloud Monitoring with GroundWork Monitor 7

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring focuses on API to API connectors. GroundWork Hubs talk directly to the API of the management systems to get configuration and metrics into the GroundWork Monitor system. 

GroundWork Cloud Hub is a light weight Java based application that can run anywhere that supports Java and does not consume a lot of processing time on the host where it is running. It's agentless, so no agents are installed. Whether it's virtualization hubs for compute nodes, network, or storage you define a connection to the API, select the profile metrics, and the information maps into GroundWork Monitor and starts monitoring.

Cloud Hub connectors include an automatic setup of availability, performance graphs, events, reports, notifications using the integrated NoMa application, and the use of aggregation functions such as Custom Groups and Business Service Monitoring. The current version of GroundWork Cloud Hub includes the connector types Docker, OpenStack, Red Hat, VMware vSphere, Amazon AWS, NetApp, and Icinga 2. For Net Hub there is currently the OpenDaylight ODL connector.

For detailed information expand HYBRID CLOUD MONITORING in the navigation pane.

Figure: GroundWork Hubs - Agentless Monitoring


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