GroundWork License


This page reviews the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise installation license and encrypted internal password administration. REST-API password encryption is now supported and enabled by default.

1.0 GroundWork License

The location for entry of the GroundWork Monitor license key is through GroundWork Administration > GroundWork License. Each installation of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition (GWMEE) requires a key. For new installations a key is emailed to customers following purchase. For existing installations, you will need to input a new key if your existing key has reached the subscription expiration date or you have exceeded the number of devices purchased. Please contact for assistance.

Figure: GroundWork License Key

2.0 Password Maintenance

On the right side of the GroundWork License page are administration options for encrypted internal passwords. This page (the installer) generates a API Access token for REST API and for Remote Agent. The table below describes each account. 

Figure: Encrypted internal passwords

Table: Encrypted internal password accounts

Account Description
Used on the server side.  This password can be changed by entering a new password and selecting Update Master Password.
Web Services API
The Web Services API Account is used for GroundWork hub access. With 7.0.2 SP3: If you applied the SP3 patch the Web Services user will not have a password, instead you need to fill in the token from this page.
  • The Web Services Access field designates the GroundWork Web Services Username which is set by default to RESTAPIACCESS.
  • The Web Services Token field is used in place of the old password for hub access. You can copy/paste the Token (encrypted) into the hub configuration as the GroundWork Web Services Password.
  • If you want a different token, enter a new password in the Token: box, which is beneath Access: RESTAPIACCESS, and select the Update API Account button. You will then see a new encrypted string appear and you can copy it into the hub configuration page.

  • The REST API token is saved in and in The incoming request is verified against the credentials in the instead of JOSSO and a new token is generated for every login and updated in the token cache.
Remote API
The Remote API Account is used for GDMA and JDMA calls.
  • This page (the installer) generates a API Access token for REST API and for Remote Agent. 
Proxy Account
The Proxy Account is a user with limited rights that is accessing information via the portal that would otherwise require actual user login to do activity.
  • The Proxy Username field is set by default to user.
  • The Proxy Password field is by default user.
Encryption Tool The Encryption Tool is used to generate an encrypted password.
  • Entering any password to return an encryption of that password after selecting Generate.
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