Configuring Status

Configuring Status

This section reviews configuration for the GroundWork Monitor Status application.

1.0 Defining URLs for the Actions Portlet Connections Menu

The default template for defining the URL's that are used for the Connection menu in the Status application Actions portlet of the host and services view are defined in the file:


The default URLs are as follows:


The $HOST variable will be substituted with the host name of the selected page in Status. If a user applies any changes to the default URL's the portal needs to be stopped and started before any changes will show up.

/usr/local/groundwork/ stop gwservices
/usr/local/groundwork/ start gwservices

2.0 Creating Links to Status Pages

This topic covers how to define links from third party applications, inside the portal or from external applications, to the GroundWork Status application.

2.1 URL Formats

External applications can access Status hosts,host groups, services, and service groups by creating a URL with the actual host and service name as specified in the table below:

URL Node Type Format of URL
Host Group http://<server-name>/portal-statusviewer/urlmap?hostgroup=Linux%20Servers
Host http://<server-name>/portal-statusviewer/urlmap?host=localhost
Service http://<server-name>/portal-statusviewer/urlmap?host=localhost&service=local_memory
Service Group http://<server-name>/portal-statusviewer/urlmap?servicegroup=sg1
2.2 External Application Redirection Scenarios

Users of an external application will be redirected to the Entire Network view of the GroundWork Monitor Status application for the following scenarios:

  • An incorrect node name parameter is specified which does not exist. For example if the host parameter is set to host=abcd and the host abcd does not exist in the system.
  • When a URL translator makes use of ReferenceTreeMetaModel (RTMM) for mapping a name with the actual ID and creating the URL. If the managed bean for RTMM has not been instantiated/created and an external application tries to access the Status application the user will be redirected to the Entire Network view.
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