3rd Party Data Integration

Third Party Integration

  • GroundWork Monitor can integrate data from other systems:
    • The GroundWork Cloud Hub integrates monitoring of Docker, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, RHEV, VMware, NetApp, and Icinga 2. Typically the integration is done API-to-API.
    • The GroundWork RAPID feeders integrate other systems such as Cacti, Microsoft SCOM, Elasticsearch and Kibana.
  • For more information about Cloud Hub architecture, operation and configuration, see the Hybrid Cloud Monitoring section.
  • For more information about RAPID feeders architecture, operation and configuration, see RAPID-based Feeders under the Developer Reference section.


integration integration Delete
cloud cloud Delete
hub hub Delete
docker docker Delete
aws aws Delete
amazon amazon Delete
web web Delete
services services Delete
openstack openstack Delete
rhev rhev Delete
vmware vmware Delete
netapp netapp Delete
icinga icinga Delete
api api Delete
rapid-feeders rapid-feeders Delete
cacti cacti Delete
scom scom Delete
elasticsearch elasticsearch Delete
kibana kibana Delete
hybrid hybrid Delete
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