Pre flight, Backup, Commit


This page covers the commit, Nagios pre-flight test, and backup processes.

Running a Pre flight Test, Backing Up, and Committing

Committing Process

Any change made within the Configuration tool is not effective until the change is committed with the Commit option. The process for committing changes to the monitoring system include a Pre Flight Test, Backup and Commit.

  • Pre Fight Test: Before committing, your are advised to run a Pre Flight Test. This option will check the configuration for errors, but will not implement the change. If there are any errors, they will be listed in the Nagios Pre Flight Test window after this option is executed.
  • Backup and Commit: To implement configuration changes you will need to select Commit, however before actually committing you should use the Backup option which will make a copy of the current Nagios configuration files (before the changes are applied) and execute a database dump of the monarch configuration database. By default, these are placed in a timestamped directory in /usr/local/groundwork/core/monarch/backup.

Running a Nagios Pre Flight Test
  1. Go to Configuration > Control and select Pre Flight Test. The pre flight test will run and a list of results will be displayed.
  2. Select Continue to complete.

    Figure: Nagios Pre flight test
Running a Backup and a Nagios Commit
  1. Go to Configuration > Control and select Commit.
  2. In the Nagios Commit screen, select Backup to backup up Nagios records in the database.
  3. Next, select Commit to overwrite the active Nagios configuration and restart Nagios.
    See the SYSTEM MAINTENANCE section for information on restoring a backup configuration.


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