How to view GDMA client version

1.0 What version of GDMA is installed on a client?

You can run the script with the -v option to find out what version of the GDMA client software you have running on a given machine. Before GDMA 2.4.0, you cannot run this command as root, you must be logged in as some other user (such as gdma) to check the version.

1.1 Linux GDMA

Following is an example command and output for Linux GDMA.

/usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v
GDMA version 2.3.2
1.2 Other Platforms

The path to the script depends on the platform. On Windows the name is: gdma_run_checks.exe

Platform Command
Windows {path-to}\groundwork\gdma\bin\gdma_run_checks -v
Linux /usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v
Solaris /opt/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v
AIX /usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/ -v
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