How to restore PostgreSQL Monarch backup

Restoring a backup of the monarch database

  1. Make sure no one is logged into the system:
    Stop GroundWork services:
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop gwservices

    Stop the Nagios daemon:

    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop nagios

    Stop httpd:

    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop apache
  2. Open a terminal session and login as: root
  3. Change the working directory:
    cd /usr/local/groundwork/core/monarch/backup
  4. You should see a file with the name: monarch_backup_<timestamp>.sql
  5. Restore the old database by entering the following command at the system prompt:
    pg_restore -d monarch -F t -c monarch_backup_<timestamp>.sql.tar
  6. Restart GroundWork services:
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start gwservices
  7. Restart httpd:
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start apache
  8. Restart Nagios:
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start nagios
  9. After relaunching your browser, you should clear your browser's cache.
  10. Next, to view and confirm the restored configuration, use the web interface to commit the restored monarch database by selecting the Configuration application tab, and the options Control, Pre flight test, Commit, Backup, and then Commit.
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