How to remove hosts from performance screen

Removing hosts from the performance screen

Following is a simple procedure to remove hosts from the performance screen.

  1. From the command line set the environment to include the path to the tools:
    source /usr/local/groundwork/scripts/
  2. Log in to the postgres database:
    psql -U postgres
  3. You should see a prompt similar to postgres=#, select the configuration database:
    \c monarch
  4. Remove the entries you don't want from the host_service table.
    For example, to delete all entries for host foo:
    delete from host_service where host like 'foo'

    To delete all entries for service foo_service:

    delete from host_service where service like 'foo_service'

    To delete a specific service from a host and leave the others:

    delete from host_service where host like 'foo' and service like 'foo_service'
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