How to migrate from Nagios

Migrating between Nagios and GroundWork Monitor

To learn how to migrate between Nagios and GroundWork Monitor you can view the video Migrating from Nagios to GroundWork Monitor.

This short technical video will show you step-by-step how to retain the information in your existing Nagios configuration files when migrating to GroundWork Monitor. You can migrate with confidence because the process is two-way: Nagios is an integral component of GroundWork Monitor, and GroundWork Monitor writes its Nagios-specific config files to the standard Nagios file format, so it's easy to migrate between the two: you can always go back to stand-alone Nagios if you need to, keeping any Nagios-specific configuration changes you made with GroundWork Monitor.

This video is part of the GroundWork In An Hour series, see the GroundWork In an Hour: Nagios Migration to view all videos.

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