Getting Started

Thank you for using GroundWork Monitor, created by GroundWork, Inc.

Getting Started with GroundWork Monitor

After downloading and installing GroundWork Monitor, we suggest you take the following steps to get you started:

  1. Verify your GroundWork Monitor Installation - After installing GroundWork Monitor it's a good idea to verify the installation by checking the user interface and viewing system data, and checking the connections for Nagios and Foundation. You may also choose to configure your firewall.
  2. Review the following documents:
    • [GroundWork Monitor 7.0.0 Release Notes] - The release notes (located in the Downloads section) provide a summary of new features for the current version of GroundWork Monitor, outlines the changes made from the previous release, and summarizes fixed issues, known issues and limitations.
    • About GroundWork Monitor - This document provides a brief overview of GroundWork Monitor, including a summary of each portal page, and layout of the JBoss Portal for GroundWork Monitor 7.
    • Monitoring Concepts - This document reviews the basic monitoring processes, GroundWork Monitor architecture, and key definitions and concepts used in monitoring.
    • GroundWork Monitor Theory of Operation - The theory of operation and provides an informative technology overview of GroundWork Monitor and also discusses the procedural overview.
  3. Initial System Setup - This page will help you get started setting up your monitoring environment with GroundWork Monitor. It usually makes sense to begin by discovering monitor-able hosts on your network.
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