GW Agent for Websphere

This page reviews the GroundWork JDMA for Websphere.

Deploying GroundWork Agent for Websphere

JDMA Software - All of the JDMA and associated files needed for installation are included with GroundWork Monitor 6.2 and later. They are stored in /usr/local/groundwork/apache2/htdocs/java-agents/, and may be downloaded via HTTP.


The following should be installed and running:

Websphere Application Server 7.x
GroundWork Monitor 6.2.x or later
Configuration Steps for Websphere
  1. Set up encryption [Optional]: GroundWork servers are set to receive NSCA messages unencrypted with XOR obfuscation by default. If you want to change this default, you can do so with the following procedure. Triple-DES is currently the only encryption method supported by the Java agent.
    Any other process that sends NSCA messages to this GroundWork server, such as GDMA or a child server, will be affected, and may also need to have its configuration adjusted.
    • On the GroundWork server, edit the file:

      Change the line:



    • Restart the Nagios process:
      /etc/init.d/groundwork restart nagios
  2. Login to websphere admin console with the following URL (no spaces). By default, 9060 is the port used by WAS. Use the user ID/password you specified during the Websphere installation.
    http : // <websphere server> : <port> /ibm/console/
  3. Download the gwos-was-monitoringAgent-1.0.war file from GroundWork server, located in the folder:
    • Using the navigation tree, go to Applications>Application Types>Websphere Enterprise Applications>Install New Application link (browse the war file location from the Local File System) and follow the steps from there.
      DO NOT change any default settings during the application installation wizard except the context root (e.g. /gwos-was-monitoringAgent) in the Step 4 of the wizard.
  4. Save the master configuration.
  5. On the GroundWork server, discover the websphere host and add the websphere services by importing the following file. Commit the configuration in the GroundWork Monitor Configuration application.
  6. In the websphere server admin console, (Applications>Application Types>Websphere Enterprise Applications) select the following from the list of applications, and then click Start:
  7. You should see the GWOS MBean Collector started successfully message in the file:
Exporting Profiles to the GroundWork Server

By default, agent ships with connectionPool, threadPool, webApp modules for providers which can be used for out of box websphere installation. To monitor components for your environment, you need to generate environment based custom configuration files.

To generate the custom files;

  1. Visit http://<websphere server>:8080/gwos-was-monitoringAgent/index.html and select Start New Configuration.
  2. Enter the Websphere connection settings:
    • Make sure the nagios_encryption setting matches the listener_encryption_method and nagios_password setting matches the listener_password that you set in the bronx.cfg file.
      Only XOR and Triple-DES encryption are supported.
      Also, no encryption is supported.
  3. Then select the list of services from the discovered list (default components are pre-selected), and then click Next.
  4. Enter the GroundWork server name, username and password, and select Export. The old gwos_properties file is backed up with the name gwos_websphere.xml_old.backup. This exports the profiles to the GroundWork server.
  5. Next:
    • Stop the gwos-was-monitoringAgent1.x application in the Websphere admin console.
    • Remove the unnecessary services from the Websphere host and add desired services.
    • Commit configuration.
    • Start gwos-was-monitoringAgent application in the Websphere admin console and you should see the updates in the GroundWork server.
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