About Message Processing

Two type of Messages

GroundWork Monitor has two types of messages that are processed by the system:

  • Status information and events of state changes generated by Nagios and forwarded to Foundation.
  • External tools generating events (SNMP and Syslog) which are processed by GroundWork Monitor. External messages are normally persisted in Foundation and in order to generate notifications sent as passive checks to Nagios.

Processing Data

The out of the box GroundWork Monitor is configured to process Nagios events (state change notifications), Nagios status information, SNMP Traps and Syslog messages. The system includes plugins, feeders and Foundation adapters to process these types of data.

The flexibility of the system allows you to define custom feeder/adapters so that any monitoring related data can be integrated by GroundWork Monitor. The diagram below shows a top level overview of the Message Processing Architecture of GroundWork Monitor.

To create a custom feed you will need to;

  1. Define metadata (properties, application types)
  2. Setup runtime system
  3. Feed monitoring data

    Figure: Message processing architecture
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