Using Nagios

Using the Nagios Interface

The current version of Nagios used in GroundWork Monitor is Nagios 3.2.3. For the specific changes in this release please refer to: Nagios 3 Version History

The Nagios page under the Advanced tab in GroundWork Monitor provides access to the Nagios interface. This option allows you to run reports and display various views of monitored elements.

The Nagios Interface
  • Tactical View - This Nagios view is the page default view and displays a "birds-eye view" of all network monitoring activity. It allows you to quickly see network outages, host status, and service status. It distinguishes between problems that have been "handled" in some way (i.e. been acknowledged, had notifications disabled, etc.) and those which have not been handled, and thus need attention. Very useful if you've got a lot of hosts/services you're monitoring and you need to keep a single screen up to alert you of problems.
  • Hosts - This view provides the current host status details for all host groups.
  • Service Overview - Displays a service overview for all host groups.
  • Service Detail - Shows the service status details for all hosts.
  • Service Summary - Show the status summary for all host groups.
  • Status Grid - Displays a status grid for all host groups.
  • Service Problems - Shows the service status details for all hosts.
  • Host Problems - Displays the host status details for all host groups.
  • Blocking Outages - Produces a listing of "problem" hosts on your network that are causing network outages. This can be particularly useful if you have a large network and want to quickly identify the source of the problem. Hosts are sorted based on the severity of the outage they are causing.
  • Comments - This view allows you to view and add Nagios host and service comments.
  • Scheduled Downtime - Displays scheduled downtime for all hosts and services.
  • Nagios Events - Displays the log file. If you have log rotation enabled, you can browse notifications present in archived log files by using the navigational links near the top of the page.
  • Nagios Status Map - This option creates a map of all hosts that you have defined on your network.
  • Nagios Trend Report - The Nagios Trends Report graphs Host or Service states over an arbitrary period of time.
  • Nagios Availability Report - The Nagios Availability Report displays the availability of Hosts and Services over a user-specified period of time.
  • Nagios Notification Report - The Nagios Notifications Report displays specified Host and Service notifications that have been sent to various contacts. Basically a subset of the information that is displayed by the log file CGI.
  • Nagios Performance Info - Displays program-wide performance information.
  • Nagios Process Info - Displays overall process information and process commands.
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