Perl API Monarch


This page reviews the Perl API Monarch.

About Perl API Monarch

dassmonarch is a Perl API to GroundWork Monitor. It provides an API to program configuration changes of the GroundWork Monitor system. The Perl API is published under GPL and is free for download. Almost the same functionality is available as an additional SOAP interface, which lets you access and modify the GroundWork configuration by a remote SOAP client. The SOAP interface is available from dass IT under a commercial license. Thanks to dass-IT - Maik Aussendorf for contributing the Perl configuration API to Monarch.

Class Reference

Following is a complete reference of the GWHelper Class and the dassmonarch Class. Additionally you can view a simple sample application for dassmonarch and extended information for externals routine calling sequences.

GWHelper Class Reference

This class provides methods related to the installed GroundWork system like determining GroundWork's release version, etc. This version is for use with GW Monitor 6.2 and later releases ONLY. 

dassmonarch Class Reference

This class provides relevant methods to access the monarch DB in order to automatically import configuration data.

  • dassmonarch Class Reference - This reference provides a list of members and links to function documentation which describes in detail every method including parameters and return values.
  • - This link displays a simple sample application for dassmonarch Perl API to GroundWork Monarch. This is not for the SOAP interface, only for the local class.
  • dassmonarch Externals Routine Calling Sequences - Additionally, here you can access a more detailed look at externals routine information.
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