GDMA Profiles

GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agent (GDMA) Profiles

These profiles relate to the deployment and monitoring of GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agents.

  • gdma-21-linux-host.xml – Linux base OS GDMA host profile
  • gdma-21-windows-host.xml – Windows base OS GDMA host profile
  • gdma-22-windows-host.xml – Windows Powershell GDMA host profile
  • gdma-autohost.xml – Virtual host for collection and processing of GDMA Auto-configuration messages
  • service-profile-gdma-21-linux.xml – GDMA Windows Server (via WMI)
  • service-profile-gdma-21-windows.xml – Base OS service profile for Linux host GDMA checks
  • service-profile-gdma_auto.xml – Service definition for the collection of GDMA auto-configuration data
  • service-profile-windows-child-target.xml Windows host monitored by Windows Child Server
  • service-profile-windows-child.xml – Windows Child Server
  • windows-child-target.xml – Profile for creating a target of a windows child system
  • windows-child.xml – Host profile for creating windows child host object
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