How to stop and start services

Stopping and Starting GroundWork Monitor services

About UI Components Using Web Services

In most cases, stopping and starting any of the services is not advised. These services are interdependent upon one another.

In this release, gwservices runs and controls the entire middleware that includes the different feeders, the data integration engine and the Web Service layer that drives the UI. It is not advised to just restart the gwservices service since it puts UI components consuming Web Services into an unknown state and the components may no longer respond in the browser. Some examples of these components are Status, Dashboards, and Event Console. When these services are randomly started, the other services will be placed into unknown states.

If you must stop and start one of these services have all users log out of the server first. Moreover in most cases, if an administrator needs to stop one of these services, the safest course of action is to stop all the services and start them again thereby allowing all the GroundWork Monitor services to re-synchronize with one another.

Restarting gwservices or other GroundWork Monitor services may make UI components unresponsive in the browser.
Stopping the Services
  • Stop Apache2
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop apache
  • Stop SNMP Trap Translator
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop snmptt
  • Stop Nagios
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop nagios
  • Stop Foundation
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop gwservices
  • Stop syslog-ng
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop syslog-ng
  • Stop network-service
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop network-service
  • Stop PostgreSQL
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop postgresql
  • Stop snmptrapd
    /usr/local/groundwork/ stop snmptrapd
Starting the Services
  • Start Apache2
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start apache
  • Start SNMP Trap Translator
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start snmptt
  • Start Nagios
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start nagios
  • Start Foundation
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start gwservices
  • Start syslog-ng
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start syslog-ng
  • Start network-service
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start network-service
  • Start PostgreSQL
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start postgresql
  • Start snmptrapd
    /usr/local/groundwork/ start snmptrapd
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