Foundation Management

About Foundation Management

This page outlines the Administration>Foundation Management portlet. GroundWork Foundation is a data integration framework. The back end data model allows the integration of any state, event, and performance data, independent of the monitoring application that produces it. The datastore can be accessed through a Web Service interface.

Figure: Administration - Foundation

The options include;

  • Manage Configuration - View or edit Foundation configuration files.
  • Manage Applications Types - Add a new application type to the Foundation data model.
  • Manage Properties - Add properties to the Foundation data model or assign existing properties to an application type/entity type.
  • Manage Host Groups - Add new host groups to the Foundation data model
  • Manage Performance Data - Update performance data entries to the performance data label table.
  • Manage Consolidation Criteria - Update consolidation criteria entries to the consolidation criteria table.
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