About Using Applications

This section reviews each GroundWork Monitor portal page (application) as outlined below. Additionally, the Operational How To's page provides reference to commonly asked operational questions.

  • Dashboards - The Dashboard page brings together various monitoring data and centralizing status and system information in a single convenient location. This page displays shared system dashboards. My GroundWork page displays personal dashboards created by individual users. Dashboards also includes Webmetrics, a web performance management monitoring tool. Webmetrics dashboards can be displayed within GroundWork Monitor allowing you to correlate your external web experience with what's happening inside your firewall.
  • Event Console - The Event Console application shows a unified view of all log messages for all applications with details about the most recent events impacting your IT infrastructure.
  • Status - The Status application is a fast, scalable open source interface tool designed to improve the visualization and manageability of monitoring data from Nagios.
  • Views - NagVis is a presentation tool for the information which is gathered by Nagios and transferred using backends. GroundWork Monitor is a supported backend.
  • Reports - The Reports option offers various monitoring and management reports including; GroundWork Reports, Insight Reports, and Custom Reports.
  • Auto Discovery - GroundWork Monitor includes an Auto Discovery tool that allows administrators to automatically coordinate network resources with the GroundWork Monitor configuration database.
  • Configuration - GroundWork's configuration application, Configuration consists of a set of tools that allow a user to easily configure and maintain Nagios or GroundWork Monitor.
  • Administration - The Administration page is covered in the Portal Administration section and outlines administrator management tasks.
  • Advanced - The Advanced option enables full access to the Nagios monitoring interface and to the GroundWork NMS - Cacti, Nedi, Weathermap, and ntop.
  • Resources - A top level tab enabling access to:
    • Support - via GroundWork Connect - GroundWork's customer support portal.
    • Developer - GroundWork Developer Portal including code samples, development and environment tools, API reference, and Wiki.
    • GroundWork Exchange - designed to allow GroundWork users and developers to extend GroundWork Monitor.
    • Community - Access to GroundWork Monitor NPO, GroundWork's community page for nonprofit organizations and Open Source projects.
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