About System Maintenance

This section describes scenarios for making backups of databases and files to be used in the event of redeployment of a GroundWork Monitor system or systems. This redeployment may occur as a consequence of the need to replicate an environment for expansion, for test, or for recovery from a disaster wherein essential equipment is lost. The different reference documents include:

  • Weekly Maintenance - This document outlines the recommended weekly backup procedures for your GroundWork Monitor system including steps to backup all system databases and configuration settings.
  • Backup and Restore - These documents cover the individual backup and restore instructions for the GroundWork Monitor databases and configuration settings.
  • Data Retention - This document holds procedures for maintaining database events (log messages) and event reporting in case of low disk space or system performance issues. Additionally, you will find information on managing the different GroundWork Monitor generated logs files.
  • GroundWork Monitor Log Files - This table describes the various log files, their settings, and locations within the GroundWork Monitor system.
  • Restore a System Configuration - This document outlines steps to restore a GroundWork Monitor configuration from a previous backup.
  • Automated Backup Strategies - This document refers to advanced configuration for automating the backup process of the GroundWork Monitor system.
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