About Portal Administration

This section covers the GroundWork Monitor Administration page. Administration is available to user accounts assigned the Administrators role GWAdmin. Administration has 5 sub pages described here. For more detailed information, expand the Portal Administration option in the navigation pane.

Figure: Portal Administration

  • Portal Management - Allows an administrator to manage portal objects, portlet instances, and portlet definitions.
  • User Management - The sub tabs include User Management which allows an administrator to manage system Users (e.g. admin, operator, user), and Role Management which is used to manage system Roles, (e.g. GWAdmin, GWOperator, GWUser). Restricted access to the Dashboards and Host Group and Service Group role restrictions are also set within Role Management.
  • Foundation Management - Foundation is the data integration framework. Here an administrator can manage Foundation configuration, application types, properties, host groups, performance data, and consolidation criteria.
  • Views - This tab is used for the Views web configuration interface. You can use it to configure views and/or build your own Views maps using your browser.
  • GroundWork License - Location for entry of the GroundWork Monitor license key for new installations.
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